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We have put together some useful articles on various stages of the recruitment process from preparing your CV, to interviews, working as a contractor and working in Ireland as a migrant. If there is something you'd like to see here let us know.

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14/05/18 - 15:15

Tips on preparing your CV.
04/01/18 - 15:58
Useful article on how you might improve your CV. (Updated January 2018).

Useful facts and stats about living and working in Ireland
04/01/18 - 15:57
Useful facts and stats about living and working in Ireland such as average salaries, tax summary etc. (Updated January 2018).

Summary of Immigration Stamps in Ireland
19/04/17 - 11:53
Brief overview of the Immigration "stamps" available in Ireland. (Updated April 2017).

Are ALL the best IT jobs in Dublin?
19/04/17 - 11:53
A brief article on where IT jobs in Ireland are at present... (Updated April 2017).

The Pros and Cons of Contracting
19/04/17 - 11:53
Is IT contracting the right move for you? We outline the pros and the cons. (Updated April 2017).

Are you entitled to work freely in Ireland?
19/04/17 - 11:52
If you are not sure if you are allowed to work freely in Ireland, this may help you.... (Updated April 2017).

How to set yourself up as an IT Contractor in Ireland:
19/04/17 - 11:52
Do I have to set up a limited company? What's the difference between that and using an umbrella company? (Updated April 2017).

Jobseeking for IT Graduates
19/04/17 - 11:52
A guide to job seeking for IT graduates - laying the foundations for a successful IT career. (Updated April 2017).

LinkedIn for IT professionals what is it and how to use it
19/04/17 - 11:52
Part 1: An overview of LinkedIn and how it works. (Updated April 2017).

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