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Advice on how to hand in your notice.

Advice on handing in your notice:


  • Have your new job agreed before you hand in your notice. Your references should have been checked, medical done and you should have received your employment contract. You should know how much notice you need to give your current employer and your start date for your new job should be already agreed with your new employer and should take your required notice period into account.


  • You should never resign from a job until you are happy with all aspects of your new job offer!


  • Ask your Manager for a meeting (ideally at the start of the day) and then advise your employer that you have received another job offer with another company, which you wish to accept. Some bosses may take the news well and wish you success whilst others may be shocked and disappointed - be prepared for both reactions.


  • Be polite but firm as to your desire to move on and resist saying anything negative about your current role. You know why you are looking to leave and why this new role is your dream job, however your manager does not so be clear in your own mind before you resign why this new role is more suitable for you. It could be the location, opportunity to work from home or part time, the technology direction, career progression etc. If your boss asks why are you leaving, just advise him/her that your new job offer is a more suitable role and summarise in a positive manner why your new job is a more suitable job for you.


  • Agree a leaving date and try and give your employer as much notice as possible. This gives the company time to organise a replacement to cover your workload.


  • Stress that you will be thoroughly professional during your notice period and cooperate with any handover and you will help train in your replacement if possible, if this is not possible, leave a clear handover document detailing as much information as you can to make it easy for the new person to get up to speed with your duties. Continue to put 100% into your job and do it to the best of your ability until your last day in your current job.


  • Ensure at all times that you behave in a positive and professional manner, Ireland is a small country and you don’t want to burn any bridges!



Handling a Counter Offer:

Sometimes an employer will make a counter offer. You need to have thought through what you would do in this instance before handing in your notice. Ask yourself the following questions: What is the best decision for your long term career progression?  Has anything changed?  Will more money or the promise of a promotion really change things? Will it just be a quick fix? Why did it take you resigning before they offered you a pay rise or promotion? How will your relationship be with your boss if you stay when they know you were willing to leave before? Will you be looking for a new opportunity again in six months?


While it is flattering to get a counter offer, if you find yourself in this situation, try and take the emotion out of the situation and think objectively. Research indicates that employees who accept counter offers tend to be back on the jobs market within six months, so if you’ve already secured a suitable career move, you could spare yourself the hassle of starting from scratch to look for a new role once again.

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2017-04-19 11:51:42

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